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Dear Ones,
As you all are aware India is undergoing one of the worst Humanitarian Crises of very high magnitude and there does not seem to be any end on sight.
The Oxygen supply has dwindled to the lowest level AND THE LIVES ARE BEING LOST EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY.
We, at Vraj Canada Community Center, in collaboration with South Asian Health Network and other affiliates have started a drive to send to India directly to the severely affected Hospitals the “Oxygen Generators with 8 Liters or More capacity” ..the drive is underway in full swing ..The intent is to have at least 500 Heavy Duty Generators delivered with a minimum of delay. The manufacturers of the equipment have already been contacted.
The cost of each generator is approx CDN $320.00. We have contacted the Credible NGO in India who will coordinate our efforts to ensure the even distribution to the affected Hospitals. So far 33 Oxgen Concentrators are confirmed by our local donors.
Payment Method for Canada – Vraj Canada Community Centre
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2)E-transfer to
Payment Method for USA – VIPO Global
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Payment Method for USA – Shreemay Community Services
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We are seeking the help of donors for contributing to this humanitarian cause. The donors will receive the Canadian Charitable Donation receipt…with full transparency…and the confirmation of the delivery.
This morning we have also reached out to Canadian International Development Agency to participate in this Community Endeavour.
We applaud Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce for their participation.
Vraj Canada would also like to special thanks to the Consulate General of India – Toronto, Hon. Apoorva Srivastava for showing the readiness to receive shipment in India as we know the limited restrictions are imposed on imported goods.
On behalf of Vraj Canada, I will continue to update all on the progress of orders and shipment.
Thank you, Kind regards, be positive, stay safe, and get vaccinated by your friendly Pharmacist !!

President – Vraj Canada Community Centre
+1 888-333-8725